SDi Corporate Account

This service is available to professionals who have attained SDi level 1 & 2 certification; 'The Foundations of Spiral Dynamics' (SDi Level 1), plus the more advanced skills for specialised application through level 2 or other Level 2 courses offered by SDi practitioners can also be accepted.   We require this level of training to be completed in order to maximize the applications of Spiral Dynamics Integral for clients.  

We offer a range of profiles types covering change and values allowing the practitioner to provide an ethical, professional and unique service to clients.

For those practitioners who train SDi level 1 & 2 certification or above, we can offer a Focal account that gives you the resources to set-up accounts for your trainees and add your events/courses to our Training & Events system.

All accounts are provided on a 12 months subscription with the exception of Training accounts which are 3 months.  Please contact us for further information.