Profiles available to Individual Profile acounts:

Our profiles are electronic version of the original paper copies created by Dr Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics Integral) which are based on the pioneering studies of the late Clare W Graves, Professor Emeritus Psychology, Union College, New York.  Profiles are available in a number of Languages.
  1. CultureSCAN - has been designed to support a process of removing personal barriers to change to enable progress through proactive and 'Intentional' approaches.

    Aims to:
    • Provide key individual data and support an ongoing learning and development processes

    Provides insight into:
    • The nature of the overall 'Fit' between you, your job, your supervisor, work group and organisation;
    • Your perception of the multiple bottom lines of your organisation: Purpose, Principles, People, Profit, Planet, Trust and Respect;
    • An assessment of your dominant ways of thinking, the value systems and core intelligence's that are influencing all that you do;
    • An assessment of the change state and the nature of change that you may be experiencing;
    • An assessment of the executive intelligence's;
    • Your perception of the present and desired organising codes within your organisation;
    • Personal preferences for 1st and 2nd Order Change;Personal preferences for analogue and digital thinking styles.
  2. Change State Indicator (CSI) - a detailed assessment of change preferences - how comfortable you are with you current life conditions and how you like change to evolve.  It is normal to use this profile with Form A and Values Test to indicate is there will be a shift in values systems.  The CSI displays your relative concentration of energy within your personal flow of change.  Understanding order, chaos and change in turbulent times The CSI is the first measure of the core changes in people that produce 'value systems' This test reveals a flow-like 'change' profile of the person Additional scales are built around a stability factor (PREFERS ORDER and/ or THRIVES ON CHAOS) and FIRST-ORDER and SECOND-ORDER CHANGE Finally, the test indicates one's readiness to accept change or preference to stay within the givens.

  3. The Values Test - Discover and apply the world of 'value systems' and the influence of these core intelligence's in all your activities.