Cookies Policy

We use cookies on this website.  By using this website you agree to this Policy and you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

What are cookies?

These are small text files that are placed on your computer by your web browser when you visit a website.  There aim are to tailor the website to your own likes and dislikes by saving your preferences within the cookie.  The next time you re-visit the website the cookie is read and your preferences are loaded.

Are all Cookies the same?

No, there are a number of types:-
  1. Session Cookies
    Also known as transient cookies, a session cookie is stored in your browsers memory while you are using the website.  A session cookie usually contains a unique none personal identifier that allows you to move from page to page without the need for you to repeatedly login.  A session cookie generally expires once you close your browser window or usually after 20 minutes of none-activity.

  2. Persistent Cookies
    Also know as permanent stored cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your computer and are not deleted when you close your web browser or if your session times out.  The purpose of persistent cookies it to retain your personal preferences which will be used should you visit the website again.  Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies can be used to identify a returning user.  They can also be used to collect data about your surfing behaviour every time you visit the website.  The data collected by the website may be kept for may years.

  3. Flash cookies
    These cookies are for use with Adobe Flash which is usually installed on most computers.  These are small files that are stored on your computer.  These can be removed by using an add-on from the Adobe website.
Are cookies safe to use

Yes they are only text files that cannot be executed to cause malicious damage or create a virus.  Modern web browsers provide you will the tools to manage cookies, please refer to your browsers help.

What about my privacy?

Cookies are only text files and cannot be executed to collect information from your computer about you.  A website cannot access (read/write) a cookie from another website unless it is part of the domain.

What type of cookies do you use?

Currently we only use session cookies.  This mean when you visit the website we do not know who you are unless you login.

What will happen if I turn off session cookies?

You can still navigate through most parts of the main website but you will not be able to log into your account or order any services.

Can I decline to accept your cookies?

Yes.  If you have an up to date web browser you only need to change your cookies settings, please refer to your browsers help.  By default most browsers allow cookies, especially session cookies.  If you turn off session cookies you will not be able to login to your account.

Should you have any questions about privacy or how we use cookies please contact us.

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